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Professional Cleaning Services in Essex

Eco Friendly cleaning and housekeeping in Essex

Pretty Perfect Home Services offer a wide range of cleaning and home services across Essex. Our friendly staff are fully trained, insured, trustworthy and offer a reliable professional service.

Pretty Perfect Home Services has an extensive carpet cleaning process, which consists of, cleaning deep into the fibres, releasing the soils that hoovering fails to remove, and reinstating it to its original life with the added bonus of smelling fresh after completing the work. We generate good results that make our customers very happy every time, regardless of what kind of material your carpet is.


Benefits of carpet cleaning include, peace of mind, healthier home and in most cases it saves you money as you don’t generally have to replace it.

Price List

Price List

Commercial Cleaning

£20.00 p/h (not including products)

£22.50 p/h (Including products)

Domestic Cleaning (Not including products)

£18.00 Weekly Clean

£19.00 Fortnightly Clean

£25.00 One Off Clean


Domestic Cleaning (Including Products)

£19.00 Weekly Clean

£20.00 Fortnightly Clean

£26.00 One Off Clean

Home Services

£18.00 p/h

Carpet Cleaning

Price to be discussed after consultation

Minimum Spend £85.00 

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